Plantation Shutters

Custom designed/custom made for an up market look. This product looks great in a traditional home and can be sleek and minimalist in the most modern of décor.

Plantation shutters are one of the most versatile window furnishings you can choose for your home. They are traditional and modern. I describe them as furniture for your windows. The most common application is to use hinges so you can open and close them just like a door. If there is enough room within your window reveal then a recess fit is recommended. Also by using a small frame around the reveal you will get a much neater and more finished look and hide any unevenness that may be present. When there is no reveal then we must fit them within a 45 to 65mm frame to allow the blades to freely rotate. This is common on older homes with sash windows and looks very stylish and more traditional.

If you have a wall void, commonly used between areas that you want to keep looking open and spacious, by installing plantation shutters there you can have the best of both worlds. Close them for privacy and open them to create space and merge the area’s together.

Surprisingly this product can also be suitable for sliding doors, although applications will vary and not all situations will work. To use as a sliding door we need to have a series of tracks attached to the floor and also a top track which is hidden inside a pelmet. The gap between the tracks needs to be wide enough so they are able to slide with the blades fully open. Side boards are used at the sides to close up the gapping and to give a neater appearance especially from the side view.

Another option is to have a bi folding system which requires a top and bottom track. It works just like any bi folding door. You must have an even amount of panels if you would like them to centre open. Bi folding one way will allow you to have as many panels as required. This type of system will clear the area better but there must be enough room for the panels to stack into the room.

Plantation shutters are available in engineered PVC, painted timber or natural stained timber. All our timber is sustainably sourced from plantations specifically grown for this product. Paulownia timber is the lightest timber but also is quite hard wearing. If you need fairly wide panels then this type of timber is ideal as the weight factor eases the strain on your hinges and is less likely to sag over time. White teak is one step up in quality and is still light but a bit more dense and harder wearing. Basswood is lovely when stained as the natural grain and patina is beautifully suited for that natural organic finish. There are many stains available, from dark walnut to natural looking light colours and many more in between. White or light colours are the best choice to open up an area with the ability to bring reflected light back into the room and increase that sense of space.

By far the most cost effective and popular product is PVC. It’s tough and super durable so if you have young kids then there not much that can damage these. The finish is smooth and in mostly neutral colours with white being the most popular colour by far. They look exactly like painted timber and you can’t tell the difference between the two products if side by side.

Bellarine Curtains and Blinds are very proud to have a fully Australian made PVC plantation shutter available to purchase. Support local production and get longer guarantees and faster turn arounds when you decide to buy this product.

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